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My Mother always told me I was born 40, and she was right.

I have the spirit of  a "big city girl" with the soul of a {southern belle}. I graduated college with my Masters at 23. I've been an Accountant since the age of 21, which is also the age I married my high school sweetheart...

Did I mention he is absolutely gorgeous and perfect?!

We live 0.5 miles from my childhood home, and my parents. This doesn't mean we don't get out much. We I LOVE to travel. I grew up traveling all over the country. When I met my husband he had barely left our home state, and he was perfectly content with that. Unfortunately for him, I wasn't. Now we try to travel at least annually to somewhere new or at least new to him. Or you know we compromise and just go to Walt Disney World, because it's awesome.

I {love}...

Rambling on about nothing.
Eating cake for breakfast.
Saving Money.
Everything Disney.

We have grown from a party of 2 to party of 3 over the last couple of years. Mini-D came in to the picture in 2013, and turned two last summer! Her spirit is like none I have ever seen before. We are pretty sure she is trying to ensure her status as an only child....

We hope you follow us as we....

Travel to various destinations...with a toddler
Raise a strong-willed little girl
Budget for our family
Balance working full-time with parenting full-time
And anything else we deem blog-worthy!

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