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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

{Potty Teaching} - Updated

If you'll remember, we started our journey in to {potty teaching} many moons ago...

Read about that here: Potty "Teaching" 101: The Beginning

We let mini d lead the way and over the next six months she used the potty when she felt like it, basically. If people asked I would always say she was about 60% there. If she needed to go #2 she ALWAYS wanted her pull-up on, I feel like that was one of our biggest hurdles. AND if we were out and about you could pretty much guarantee she wasn't going to use a public restroom, although she would ask to go about a million times. ESPECIALLY if we were out to dinner. 

Mini d developed a fear of the automatic flushing potty which lasted about six months. She really would try to go in there, but if the toilet didn't have a handle she would flip and refuse to sit. I'm going with this is a totally rational fear for a two year old. It's huge in comparison to them and most are obnoxiously loud. Kind of terrifying if you ask me.

By Christmas she was pretty much using the potty exclusively for #1 and then #2 was still the pull-up. Over New Years it's like a light bulb went off and she knew she was ready. Santa brought her some new big girl panties and that's what she wanted to wear. We had a 4 day weekend and we took advantage of it. We put her in panties and never looked back. She has maybe had two accidents total since that day. We FINALLY made it! With the exception of nighttime, which we all know is an entirely different animal. 

I was a little concerned about "on-the-go" potty. We found an AMAZING, and utterly life-saving product that I thought I would share with you. 

The Potty Potette

We put this thing in the car and anytime she says she needs to potty we whip it out, snap the legs in place, throw in a bag, and she is ready to go. It takes no time at all, and we just throw the bags away when we are done. We love it so much that we usually ask her if she wants to use her "car potty" before we go in any store or restaurant. It saves us from the nastiness of public restrooms and having to run to the opposite end of the store to find one!

Also great for those times you have to pull over on the side of the road.

Helpful tip: If you don't want to purchase the bags for it you can use a plastic grocery bag and place a paper towel in the bottom for absorption. 

I purchased ours online from Wal-Mart, but they are available online at a variety of locations. 

Overall, I think this teaching and independence led method really worked out for us. We taught her and showed her what to do and when she was ready she just did it. I know every child is different, but this is what worked for us. Our no stress method. 

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