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Friday, February 5, 2016

Family Chiropractic Care

Last week we signed on to begin our third year of chiropractic care. Wow it seems crazy to say that. Rewind a few years and I thought chiropractic care was only for old guys with back problems, no offense Dad. 

I stumbled across chiropractic while researching ways to help Daddy d with his miserable allergies. He has always had allergies and he was unable to get relief from numerous prescriptions, weekly shots, or over the counter medication. I ran across a wellness and family centered chiropractic office about an hour from our house and began doing a little research. Who knew these places existed?! This place wasn't your standard stuffy, white coat, doctor's office. Our Chiropractor, Dr. Jessica, runs her office out of a renovated old home. Her practice is professional, but not stuffy. She doesn't walk around wearing a white coat, but I can guarantee you she is certified and knows what she is doing. 

Dr. Jessica opened up our eyes to a new world of chiropractic care for {wellness}. I think Daddy d was a little skeptical at first, but he was desperate for relief so he consented. The difference chiropractic made in how his body dealt with and responded to allergies that he had suffered with his entire life was astounding. He had been going a couple of months when we decided to let mini d join in on his sessions. At the time she was probably six months old. After seeing the improvements in him and learning how so much more of our wellness can be controlled using chiropractic care we all wanted the benefits of it. Our Chiropractor is certified to care for babies and children. Chiropractic in babies can mitigate things like ear infections, constipation, gas, restlessness, and SO SO much more. Can you believe mini d has NEVER had an ear infection?! Remarkable I know, thanks in part to regular visits to Dr. Jessica.

It wasn't long before all three of us were on a family plan and having weekly sessions. Now we go monthly, but the benefits are still immeasurable for us. Mini d LOVES her adjustments and always insists on jumping on the table first. And all three of us love Dr. Jessica, she isn't just our Doctor she is also our friend. 

What about Cost?

Most insurance plans will cover a percentage of chiropractic care. Our particular insurance covers 80% making it well worth the expense for us. It's worth looking in to your insurance plan and crunching the numbers. Not to mention the medications you might be able to come off of from reaping the benefits of chiropractic care. 

So I've said all of that to say this, do a little research for yourself on chiropractic care for your general wellness. There are SO MANY benefits that I didn't have any clue about until we started going regularly. 

If you are local to us you can find our Chiropractor {HERE}

Disclaimer: This blog post has not been paid for or sponsored. All of my opinions are my own and have not been compensated in any way. I'm just an over-sharer of our experiences, you're welcome.

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