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Monday, January 11, 2016

Walt Disney World, Which Park to Skip?

Skip a park? What is this nonsense I speak of? 

We are in the double day digits in our Walt Disney World 2016 Vacay Countdown! It's only been 3 months since we were there last, but it seems like FOREVER. You know I've already been planning like crazy. We will be staying for six nights this time, and spending a total of five days in the parks.

Soooooo the math sounds easy right?

We won't be going to any water parks because it will still be a little cool, and mini d can't swim yet. Not to mention the resort pools are {awesome}. This leaves us with four parks.

The obvious trip layout would be:

Epcot - 1 Day
Animal Kingdom - 1 Day
Hollywood Studios - 1 Day
Magic Kingdom - 2 Days

We've opted this trip to skip one park so that we can have three full days at Magic Kingdom. Yes, it is seriously just that awesome. Keep in mind we have a toddler. And not just any toddler, a toddler that thinks she is a Princess. This definitely plays in to our decision to skip a park to spend more time in Magic Kingdom. We also aren't planning to use the park hoppers because the cost/benefit just doesn't work out for us. Again, we have a toddler. Moving between parks will be a serious time killer lugging around the stroller and backpack and everything else, it just doesn't make sense.

Honestly, deciding which park we wanted to skip was easy peasy for us.

Which one did we choose?

Hollywood Studios

Say What?

This was our least favorite park to tour with a toddler. Hollywood Studios is made up of a lot of shows and some pretty awesome rides that may not be toddler appropriate (Tower of Terror/Rockin' Roller Coaster).

I know every child is different, but mini d has to be involved 24/7. She rarely watches television and sitting still is nearly impossible for her. The only show she was even remotely interested in seeing while at Hollywood Studios was Disney Junior Live. We had a Fastpass for it and got front row seats, but then had to wait 15 minutes for the show to start. That 15 minutes seemed like an eternity, for her and for us. Ride wise the only thing she really rode was Toy Story Mania. I think this would have been fun if mini d would have left her 3-D glasses on, but she didn't and she couldn't figure out how to shoot the arcade gun without my help. She did like playing on the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground, but unless you are willing to let your toddler run free in a crowded playground with lots of tunnels and mazes I think I would skip this until they are a little older. Daddy D and I struggled through child size holes and climbing ropes and all sorts of things because we wouldn't let her out of our sight, you know helicopter parenting and all.

I've mentioned this to a few of my other Disney Mom friends and their immediate response was "really, why not Epcot?" We LOVE LOVE Epcot. There is just so much to see, and eat, and well food is important ya know. Mini d is also a sucker for an aquarium, and we basically had to pry her away from the one in Epcot to do anything else at all.  Also, confession, we love Figment. I know, that's totally an unpopular opinion because it's ancient in Disney terms. We just love that little guy, and the ride is super fun.

All that said, if we had just one more day we would have included Hollywood Studios in our touring plan. It may have just been a half day with a half day at the Resort relaxing, but we would have included it. Give us a year or two to meet the height requirements and gain a little patience and I'm sure this park won't be on our skip list anymore!

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