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Friday, January 29, 2016

New Look?!

Ok so I may have gone in to total freak-out mode when I pulled up my blog this morning and realized the layout had gone completely haywire.

You see, I don't really understand computer/techish things and last July for my birthday when my Mother asked me what I wanted I requested a custom blog layout and installation. Yes, I am nearing 30 and still getting birthday presents from my Mother. Anyway, the layout I chose was nice enough and they did the entire install for me. I think my mind was blown when I realized how much people usually pay for their blog layout. We are talking hundreds of dollars.

My first custom layout was $25, and that was installed! It might not have been the fanciest layout but it got the job done for my side hobby. I was pretty content with the layout I had until this morning when I realized all of my custom gadgets and header and links were gone! I searched the designers Etsy page and website. Apparently she has stopped designing in order to be a stay at home mom. Awesome. Except when she shut her pages down it shut mine down too?! What the what, I know!!!!

So I thought for 2.5 seconds about whether or not I was just going to call it quits. And then decided that I love writing too much to quit. It's my outlet. So I searched Etsy to see if I could find something. $30 later and an hour of pulling my hair out at 5:00 am and it was installed. By me. I'm still working the kinks out but I hope you love the new look as much as I do!

You can now click or hover over any of my pictures and pin the article to Pinterest for your future reference or just to share with friends! You can also enter your email to follow me, this will send you an email when I make a new post. If you don't like the mobile version there is a link at the bottom to switch to the web version. I'm thinking it will be easier to comment now as well.

Browse around and let me know what you think of the new look!

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