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Friday, October 16, 2015

Walt Disney World: Staying On Property

We debated for quite a while on whether or not we wanted to stay on property at Disney World. We all know I tend to lean towards the cheapest option in all scenarios. The more I researched though the more the idea of being fully immersed in {the magic} appealed to me. If we were going to "do Disney" we were going to go all out.

We chose to stay at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa. This resort is known for having spacious villas, which we needed because of the size of our group. It was definitely made more affordable by being able to split the cost.

Initially I REALLY wanted access to a monorail, but the budget just did not permit. We ended up settling for knowing we would need to use the bus transit system. I was prepared for long wait times and uncomfortable rides to and from the parks. And I was WRONG. The transit system at Disney is awesome! It seemed like luck was always on our side and we never had to wait for a bus, they just always magically appeared right when we needed them. Mini d LOVED riding the bus because she didn't have to get in her carseat, it was almost like another attraction for her.

Our room was beautifully decorated, and very clean. We really didn't spend a ton of time in our room, but we did enjoy amenities of our resort. We were a very short walk from one of our resort's many pools and a splash pad. Mini d used the splash pad almost daily. We also enjoyed breakfast at The Artist's Palette. We were able to secure a room in an excellent location by using tips I found on the WDW Prep School Blog {Here}. We requested the room location we wanted and were within walking distance of the bus stop, dining, and pools. I definitely recommend using online check-in and requesting the area of the resort you have chosen that will work best for your family.

The staff at our resort were wonderful. One morning while waiting at the bus stop at our resort mini d fell down and bumped her knee. This, of course, resulted in dramatic crying. Her tears lasted merely seconds because the attendant at the bus stop was quick to pull out bubbles and start interacting with her. She cheered up immediately. Everyone we encountered that worked for Disney was always smiling, cheerful, and quick to offer help when needed.

There are so many perks guests get by staying on Disney as opposed to off of the property. This includes making dinner reservations 180 days in advance, as well as using their Fastpass Plus system. The Fastpass system was invaluable for us during our vacation!

In our room we were surrounded by Disney, it was even on the television on multiple channels when we turned it on. We watched their bedtime stories every night before bed. We truly felt like we never left the magic. I can't imagine ever staying off property now that we have had the experience of staying on one of their resorts. We are so looking forward to our next vacation! We have actually already scheduled it for April/May 2016! We loved our experience at Disney's Saratoga Springs, but would like to try other resorts as well so we are planning to stay at Disney's Art of Animation on our next trip!

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