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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pizza Egg Rolls - Recipe

We love Pizza in our house, it's a guilty pleasure. When I ran across the recipe for these pizza rolls I knew we had to try them. This Pinterest inspired recipe is perfect for a quick dinner or appetizer.

So what do you need?

Eggroll Wrappers
- Helpful Tip: These are located in the produce section. Who knew? I know the Publix employee I asked to help me locate them didn't.
Mozzarella String Cheese
Oil {for frying}
Marinara Sauce {for dipping}
- As you can see I already had some leftover in my fridge.

How do you make it?

Take an eggroll wrapper and lay it flat on a plate. Corner to corner situate your pepperoni slices and string cheese. Sprinkle with oregano, generously. 

Using a little water to wet the edges follow the instructions on folding the eggroll. Water is the glue that holds the eggroll together. 

Set aside until you are ready to cook. In the meantime start getting your grease hot. 

Fry in your oil of choice for about 2-3 minutes. Place cooked eggrolls on a baking sheet covered in paper towels to soak any remaining grease out. 

Warm your marinara sauce and serve with your eggrolls.

These were a hit at our house and SO SO easy to make!

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