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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Driving To Disney

We just arrived back from our very first family trip to Walt Disney World and I'm literally bursting with newly learned information. I wasn't even really sure where to start blogging because there is just SO MUCH I want to talk about. Please excuse me if my blog is taken over by Walt Disney World for the next few weeks!

I guess you just start at the beginning when you aren't sure exactly where to start. We only live about six hours from Orlando, Florida. Driving is definitely the most cost effective way for us to travel to Walt Disney World. We weren't exactly sure how this was going to go with a toddler because most of the time a two hour drive for us is torture. She HATES sitting still for any length of time. She is go, go, go ALL THE TIME.

We are all morning people so we tried to get up and head out by 6:00 am. We were all excited and ready to hit the road! In reality we were out of the house by 6:20 am, so close enough to our goal time.

What were our driving necessities?

Mini d just HAD to have all of her {friends}. On our trip we were accompanied by Olaf, Elsa, Anna, Minnie Mouse, Pooh, and Buzz Lightyear. 



Water Bottles

Color Wonder Coloring Books

Potty Chair. This is kind of funny actually. We took mini d's elmo potty chair with us on our trip because we are right in the middle of learning to use the potty. She was really good the entire trip about holding it until we stopped...until we got about 30 minutes outside of Orlando. We were SO close and all of a sudden she just HAD TO POTTY. We pulled off on the first exit we saw, which happened to be a toll road. A toll road that only took $1.25 in quarters and there was no attendant. We had no quarters. We had to grab an envelope and smile for the camera; just mailed that check in today. Then, come to find out, no bathroom in sight. We pulled over on the side of a busy road and put the potty chair right in the grass. She went potty, we cheered, all was well...right on the side of the road. 

What we didn't really need?

Our DVD player. Shocker, I know. Mini d actually unplugged her dvd player and never even really watched anything. She was much more interested in playing with her {friends} and singing songs with Mommy and Daddy. I did end up losing my voice by the time we got down there many songs. 

Puzzles. Mini d usually loves puzzles, but I found they were kind of a hassle in the carseat. She would much rather read books than play puzzles while driving. 

Our trip totaled about 8 hours down and 8 hours back. We had to stop about every two hours for mini d to get out, run around, and potty. I would say she slept about 2 hours each way. Taking those few breaks was definitely key for us. There were a few times we had to bribe her with jelly beans to get her back in the carseat, but overall she surprised us and did great! 

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