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Thursday, September 3, 2015

What do you {splurge} on?

You know I'm always preaching budgets and saving money.

This might leave you wondering...

How can I preach about save, save, save and still write about vacationing all the time?

I've said it before and I will say it again, material things are just that {material}. They don't really hold value nor do we place a lot of value in them. So in our house we save, we don't go out and finance things that we really can't afford just because we can make the monthly payments.

News Flash: With minor exception (like mortgage), if you can't pay for it up front you really can't actually afford it. Financing is just a fancy way of making you think you can afford things that in reality you cannot. Real talk.

We don't spend money just because we have it. Don't have your paycheck spent before it ever hits the bank.

Interested in seeing how we budget? 

We live well below our means, we set a budget, and we stick to it. This allows us to SAVE

What are we saving for?

Our retirement
A rainy day
Mini d's future

But wait, what if we die (I mean not to be morbid or anything)? Then we saved for nothing? Wrong. We will have made lifelong memories as a family, and will have set mini d up financially for a promising future.

We believe in making memories. We believe in traveling so that mini d can see that there is more to this great big world than just our little home town. We believe in adventure, together.

So we try to take one big vacation at least once a year. Material things will become old and useless. Our memories together will last a lifetime. We splurge on vacations. What do you splurge on?

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