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Monday, September 14, 2015

Breastfeeding Mommy, What's on Your Nightstand?

I'm one of those habitual type people that likes to do things in a routine. I'm also a little OCD about placement...of well everything. You never guessed that about me, right? 

Prior to about 9 months we co-slept with mini-d. Meaning she slept in the same room with us (not in the bed with us). And no we never got her out of our room, we just got promoted to bed sharing (okay now she is in the bed). You're jealous of that cute little foot in my face all night, I know!

Breastfeeding and co-sleeping go hand-in-hand and if your little one doesn't sleep through the night it is practically a necessity. After a few weeks of waking up in the middle of the night and stumbling around in the dark on a blind hunt I figured out there were a few things that I needed to add to my {perfectly organized in it's own little way} nightstand!

My number one necessity....the ever so glamorous tap light. This bad boy gives off just the right amount of light needed to change a diaper or re-latch a newborn in the middle of the night without waking everyone up. It's also super fun for a baby or even toddler to play with. Safe, who knows? But fun, yes.

Water, Water, and did I say Water? Water is such a necessity when you are trying to keep your supply up. Especially if you are trying to work and pump. Keep a straw cup with water in it or two on your nightstand at all times! 

Why the straw and lid? Because it's no fun knocking a full glass of water over on to your phone and alarm clock in the middle of the night. 

All that water may create a little more milk than you bargained for. You will want to have a washcloth on your nightstand for random milk that decides to spray everywhere or for possible spit-up from those middle of the night feedings.

And finally, a must, your smart phone. At some point there will come a time you can just roll over in your sleep and breastfeed without ever waking up, but that takes time. Until that point you will want to stay awake while the baby is eating to reduce the risk of SIDS and all that other dangerous stuff we won't talk about. What better way to stay awake than to stalk people on Facebook or play on Pinterest?

What's your nightstand necessity? 

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