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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Stitch Fix: #2, A Review

Shut the front door, I may have been a little slow at first but now I totally get why they call this a "fix." It's 100% addicting. I have re-scheduled my fix probably ten times making the date closer and closer. I originally planned for every-other-month and somehow here it is! It has only been a month since my last fix, but it seems like it has been forever. FINALLY....

So what is it?

You know I love a good subscription service, or at least trying it. This is similar except you get to pick when you want it shipped. You also get to pick how often you want them, or only schedule one. You aren't signing up for something that you will get every single month, unless that's what you choose. You can change it at any time!

You get to choose your price point. I, of course, selected the option for {the cheaper the better}.

After you sign up you complete a style profile, which I actually thought was kind of fun. You can even link your Pinterest board to the profile, which I recommend doing! Based on your preferences a stylist, assigned specifically to you will pick out 5 items for you. These items may be clothes or accessories. You pay a $20 styling fee, but that $20 can be applied towards your final purchase.

It's not all or nothing. You can choose which pieces you would like to keep, if any. If you keep everything they offer a 25% discount. You have three days to try the clothes on and decide. If you decide to send anything back they provide you with the bag and shipping label. It's super easy.

Before each fix you can also send your stylist a note explaining any special requests. This time I specifically requested boyfriend jeans, a crossbody bag, something I can wear to Disney, and a maxi skirt. And you know what, my stylist met every single request. She is pretty much a rockstar, and after this fix I'm convinced we are now BFF's. 

When you open your box there will be a styling card included, which I found super handy. I have an issue not knowing what pieces to put with what so this was great! Most of the items I never would have thought to wear the way the stylist presented them. And you get to keep the card. I like that this will help give me ideas for things I already have in my closet.

What did I get?

Disclaimer: Please excuse my awkward attempt at modeling these clothes...

Le Sample 
Cresta Neck Blouse

My first impression: Right out of the box I didn't love the colors or the material. 

Trying it on: The fit wasn't great, although looking back at the picture it really doesn't look as bad on as it felt like it did. From the side though I really did look like I was wearing a bag.

Verdict: Sent Back! But I did keep the mini gymnast photo bomber. 

Moda Luxe 
Brooks Crossbody Bag

Mr first impression: Navy?

Thoughts on wearing it: I SO SO want a great crossbody bag. I know I mentioned the bag in my last fix being too big, but this one wasn't big enough. I also wasn't sure about the color. Had it been a different style of crossbody bag I may have been ok with the navy though.

Verdict: Sent it back! 

Market & Spruce 
Russell Front Tie Knit Tank

My first impression: White and navy stripes, it's love.

Trying it on: This shirt is everything. It's perfect for my upcoming trip to Disney World. It's just the right amount of casual, not to mention this is sweatshirt level on the fabric comfort meter.

Verdict: Kept it!

Kut From The Kloth 
Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

My first impression: Light wash denim, no.

Trying it on: I don't think I have ever owned a pair of light washed denim jeans. I was certain these pants were going back from the beginning. But then something happened, I tried them on. This is the softest denim I have ever had on my body. These jeans were perfection. I wanted to keep them, I really did. But...they were too big. They look great in the picture, but I had a good two inches of space in the waist. I was sad about sending them back, but will be requesting them again next time in a smaller size!

Verdict: Sent Back!

Renee C 
Shana Printed Maxi Skirt

My first impression: Again, I was immediately turned off by the color, but it's a maxi skirt. I have a maxi skirt obsession, I knew I had to at least give it a shot. 

Trying them on: The fabric of this skirt was SO SOFT. When I was trying to figure out how I would style this skirt and what I would wear with it I looked at my Pinterest board. Low and behold I had almost this identical skirt pinned. No wonder my stylist sent it! I paired it with a jean jacket, and fell in love. This color is actually great for tranisitoning in to Fall, which I had not initially thought about. I guess my mind is still in Summer mode because it's still smoking hot outside.

Verdict: Kept it! I'm actually wearing it today, right at this very moment!

I definitely feel like my stylist listened to my notes and thoughts on my last fix and she seriously {got me} this time. I know it will only get better the more she gets to know my likes and dislikes. 

My only problem? My budget doesn't allow me to keep everything! 

Ok, now can someone please hire me. I need a second job to pay for all of these new clothes. Seriously. Or just sign up through my link and donate to a good cause. If you sign up using {this link} I will get a $25 referral credit, please and thank you.

Want to see my previous "fix"?

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