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Monday, August 31, 2015

Intentional Parenting

Is this a thing anymore? Where are all the parents at? 

I am seriously horrified by the articles that run across social media regarding our children. We don't have cable, nor would I have watched the VMA's had we even had it, but I happened to see a few remarks regarding these awards run across my newsfeed. That got me curious so I did a quick google search. OH MY GOODNESS. How are these people even allowed in public? We've got people all up in arms about breastfeeding in public and yet we can sit back and allow these half naked people in public and on television for our children to be exposed to? Are kids seriously looking at these people to be role models? Wow.

I almost just want to throw my hands up and lock myself in a room and pray 24/7. This world NEEDS JESUS. Amen?!

I can't do that though, I have a family and a little girl to raise. I'm not going to let {the world} raise my baby. We've got to be intentional about our parenting. We've got to stop letting the world infiltrate our homes through magazines, commercials, and social media. This has got TO STOP.

Daddy D's grandmother told us when we got pregnant with mini d that raising a child would be the hardest thing we have ever done if we do it right. She was right.

Please parent's raise your children. Don't let the world raise them. Discipline them, they crave it. Discipline does not equal child abuse, get it straight. Be present in their lives. It's YOUR JOB. It's the most important job you have. You chose this path now own it.

I usually don't rant. I won't apologize today for my opinions. It's just that, my opinion, everyone has one. Rant over.

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