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Monday, August 17, 2015

Inside Our Windows: Patio

Let's play catch-up, if you are new to my blog you may want to start with my first couple of posts in this series.

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Thoughts behind the series, just to re-cap: I thought it might be fun to allow you to peak inside our windows. Through a series of posts I will show you bits and pieces of the place that our family calls home. I will try to explain where most of our pieces came from and the meaning behind them.

I'm super excited about this particular post because we literally JUST re-did our back patio. I have no idea why we didn't think of screening it in before now! Seriously, the best money we have ever spent! 

With that being said, this post will be a little different than the others in this series. This time we get to see before and after pictures!


Before this was kind of an awkward space for us. We didn't really use it that much, and because of the shape of the area I never could figure out how to work furniture to be functional. Not to mention we didn't have gutters so when it rained you got WET.

 Over time the space became a toy storage area, and a pallet for mini d's chalk art.

Daddy D and I were discussing how we could better use the space a few weeks ago and a light came on. We could screen it in and make a Sun-room! We wasted no time getting quotes and estimates for the project. It was actually very reasonable considering everything we got for our money. We had them screen in the porch and install gutters to control the rain water.


Favorite Part?! NO BUGS


Tada! Awesome or what?! I'm so in love. I think we all are! We spent the majority of our weekend out here. I'm still working on decor, but I think it's coming along.

I purchased the rug and furniture on clearance from I used Ebates and got $35 cashback on my purchase! What is Ebates

Check it out here: 

My Favorite Ways to Make Money Doing {Almost} Nothing

I can only think of all of the fun our little family will have out here! I look forward to game nights, grilling, and maybe even camping out!

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