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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Meal Plan Monday...Tuesday

Where did Monday go?! Whoops! I may have missed a day, but I will go ahead and share our meal plan for the week anyway.


Grilled Hamburgers w/ Homemade Onion Rings

Patty-out your hamburgers just barely, they will be juicier the less you patty them.
Add a little salt and pepper and they are ready for the grill.

Onion Ring Batter: Pancake Mix, Water, Season Salt, Pepper

Fry to perfection and dip in ranch (of course).


Steak Sandwiches (Leftovers)

Remember last week when I mentioned my parents were taking our entire family out for a dinner celebration for my sister at Cafe Thirty-A, well of course we brought home everyone's leftovers. Yes, I am really that cheap. So we had some super yummy leftover steak to eat!

Cut-up your leftover steak in bite size pieces. Warm in a skillet over low heat. Serve on light bread with a little mayo and mustard.


Family night with Daddy D's parents. My mother-in-law will be so graciously cooking us meatloaf and mashed potatoes...YUMMY!


Gymnastics night. So you know it's Zaxby's night!


Crock Pot Chicken Taco's <--- Linked the Recipe


Supporting the fam and eating at our all-time FAVORITE (click it) restaurant!


We've been invited to a baby shower dinner party! All three of us plan to be in attendance. We try not to do things we can't do as a family unit. Just the way we choose to operate.

Happy Cooking...and Eating!

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