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Monday, July 20, 2015

IPSY: A Mommy Review

Confession Time: I have a love for subscription services, or at least trying them. I love presents and surprises, who doesn't?!

I debated between Ipsy and Birchbox (which I still haven't tried yet). A friend recommended Ipsy so that ended up being my deciding factor. I completed their style profile, and "skipped the waiting list" to get my subscription scheduled. 

Ipsy will usually tell you that they have a wait list. In order to get off of the "wait list" you have to subscribe to a bunch of different things. That part was kind of annoying.

I was excited when I FINALLY received my bag, it seemed like the shipping process took a while. Or I'm just impatient. Probably the latter. 

My favorite product from the subscription was this Pop Bronzer. I have actually implemented it in to my daily makeup routine, and it was full size. 

Unfortunately that was the only product that I loved. 

The sunscreen oil definitely isn't going to cut it for this fair-skinned Mommy. I would turn in to a french fry within 5 minutes of being in the sun using an 08 oil. Ahhhhhh to be tan. 

The beach spray also isn't something I would ever use. While it did smell nice, my hair just wasn't meant to be {pretty} curly. I have to use heating tools (straightener) or I end up with a poofy afro. Not good, I promise.

Although I have a love for bare minerals the sample they sent was a strange color, and there were no instructions on how to use it. I didn't have time to research how I was going to use it so it ended up in the trash.

Lastly, the lip stain. Bright pink just really isn't my color. I consider myself a fun person, but that was just a little too fun for my face. 

Overall I felt like Ipsy just didn't "get me." I don't think they even considered my style profile. I was pretty sad that I didn't LOVE it, but was happy I at least got one great product out of the bag so I didn't feel like I wasted my money.

If you would like to try it for yourself you can visit this link {Ipsy}. Maybe you will have better luck than I did! If you do decide to try it let me know how you like it (or don't). 

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