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Thursday, July 9, 2015

DIY Disney Stroller Tag

Surprise! We are planning a trip to Disney World this October. We are super excited because we planned a trip back in May, but because of Daddy D's career change up we had to postpone it. Everything worked out for the best though because now my fam is going with us! Mini D went with me (in my belly) when I was pregnant with her during a work trip a few years back. Although, that trip was more work and less Disney fun. Daddy D went once when he was a small child, but remembers nothing. Other than the work trip I have been three times, but all were shorter trips and I don't remember much. Needless to say, we can't wait!

Anyway, you know I am already in crazy prep mode. We had some friends get their stroller stolen on a Disney vacay a year or two ago. I've been looking on Etsy for a stoller tag to possibly deter a thief and to hopefully make our stroller stand out in what I know will be a sea of strollers.

The cheapest price for a semi-cute stroller tag I could find on Etsy was $11 plus shipping, which would have made it $14.50. You know what sounds better to me? FREE! I don't generally consider myself a very crafty person, but I figured this sounded like something I could handle. So I googled "disney world printable stroller tag." In 30 seconds I found exactly what I was looking for, thank you internet.

The Mouse For Less offers ten options for free customizable (printable) stroller tags. Their instructions were very easy to follow. I used the princess option, of course. As if there was any question. I was able to customize it by selecting the option for "customizable rental stroller tag in word." I edited it in less than two minutes. I then printed it on my color printer at home with regular printer paper. Next, using a laminating machine I laminated it to weather-proof it and make it more durable. Any office supply store and/or most libraries and schools have laminating machines. Using a single-hole punch I punched a hole in each of the top two corners. When we get ready to go on our trip I will tie it to the stroller handles using ribbon.

It was SO easy to make, and looks just as good or better than the more expensive options I could have purchased on Etsy. The entire project took less than 15 minutes. If I can make this I promise you can too! Stay tuned for more Disney news and info as we continue to plan our trip!

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