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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

DIY Disney Monsters Inc. Costumes

Disney madness has seriously taken over in our house! I am getting super pumped about our upcoming Disney trip. 

Our trip is scheduled for October so we knew we HAD to plan to attend the Disney Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

At a cost of $74 per ticket we decided it was worth the splurge since we were already going to be there anyway, SO out of character for me I know. Luckily, mini d was FREE because she is under three.

When attending the coolest Halloween party in the country at the most magical place EVER you have no choice but to attend in costume. I knew from the beginning mini d just had to be boo from Monsters Inc.  

Her curly brown hair already makes the {perfect} pigtails. And let's be honest, it's a really easy and cheap costume. It's also pretty comfy, which is important for a toddler. I purchased her leggings, top, and pigtail pom poms from The Childrens Place for a total of less than $10. Bonus points, she can wear it anytime, not just Halloween.

This left Daddy D and I. I looked at purchasing Mike and Sully t-shirts online and on Etsy, but the cheapest shirts I could find were $25 each. And that was just your basic screen printed t-shirt, nothing special. I knew if I was going to be Mike I would also want leggings and/or a tutu as well. Those would be additional costs. Yes, I have to be Mike, green is my color. 

I have NEVER been a crafty person, but I guess the success of my stroller tag crafting gave me a boost of crafting confidence. I did A LOT of research, aka "pinteresting" and decided I thought I could tackle the project. Pinterest is good like that.

Supply list in hand I headed to Hobby Lobby and purchased all of the supplies I needed for less than the cost of just the two shirts. 

On Pinterest I stumbled across a few blog tutorials that helped me along the way. 

Easy Living {linked it} has an awesome step-by-step tutorial for a "no sew" tulle skirt. As if I really needed an excuse to make a lime green tutu! Using her tutorial, and a little help from my Mom, I made my tutu for my Mike costume in less than 30 minutes. It didn't turn out exactly like the picture, but it was good enough for the purposes I plan to use it for. I will wear plain black leggings that I already own under my tutu.

Nik Knacks {linked it} had a great blog on creating my Mike shirt. I used some of her concepts and then I kind of decided to wing the rest. I tied up the shoulders with ribbon left over from my tutu project for some extra personality. I used felt and heat n' bond to complete the project. 

I adopted the same concept to make Daddy D's Sully shirt...

I took my costume idea one step further and decided to also make my own mouse ears for my Mike costume. Using some fabric scraps, feather clips, a plain headband, and some hot glue I was able to make my own ears, and I think they weren't half bad! Dixie Delights {linked it} provided the cut-out pattern, and some helpful tips for making the custom mouse ears. 

The shirts and mouse ears took me maybe 3 hours, but had I been an even somewhat experienced crafter it probably would have been a lot faster. I also took some necessary toddler play breaks. I absolutely cannot wait for our trip, and look forward to more Disney crafting and prepping as our travel date approaches!! 

UPDATE: This was our final product for the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! The costumes were {perfect} and we got compliments all night!

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