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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Beach Bag MUST HAVES, Toddler Edition

Mini D is OBSESSED with the beach! Luckily we have our getaway spot at Live Oak Landing that allows us to be super close to some of the most beautiful beaches in America!! 

As you know, of course, this weekend is 4th of July weekend and the weather is supposed to be GORG! We will be making a trip to the beach at some point this weekend as will half of America {or so it will seem like}.

As I was getting our beach bag essentials together this 5:00 am, I mentally went through our list of must-have items. Yes, I am preparing our beach bag DAYS before our beach trip and yes I was up doing so at 5:00 am. I just cannot help myself, I MUST plan way in advance. I am working full-time during the day and my evenings are for mini d and daddy d so that leaves EARLY mornings for Mommy. 

Anyway, back to going through our must-have items. So it occurred to me that I should share them with you! 

1. Sunscreen

Do NOT leave home without it. We are a fair-skinned family FOR SURE, and it doesn't take long for the sun to bake us! There is so much debate about what sunscreen is the best for your toddler. We actually have two favorites.

The Honest Company makes a sunscreen spray that is SPF 30. It is a spray-on sunscreen. I know there is also debate about the use of spray-on sunscreen for toddlers. It is nearly impossible to get adequate coverage on mini d's wiggly little self without using a spray. At least I can feel comfortable using this brand. This is a safe, chemical free option. This is a great sunscreen for the whole family. Daddy D and I also use this particular sunscreen.

Our second favorite option is Babyganics. It's also a spray, and it is an SPF 50. It is a mineral based sunscreen. It's more for mini d and less for Daddy D and I. We purchased ours from CVS, but I think you can find it pretty much anywhere sunscreen is sold. I know Target carries it as well.

I should also mention that these are both great options for littles with sensitive skin. We have to be SO careful about what we put on mini d's skin and these have both worked well for us.

2. Swim Diaper

We have never purchased disposable swim diapers. If you are using disposable swim diapers, to be blunt, you are throwing your money away. There is a better option out there! The cloth swim diaper. We only have one and I paid around $10 for it, I think. This is our second summer using the same one! It has definitely paid for itself. Instead of throwing it away you just wash it. I don't use a special wash routine like I did on my cloth diapers, I just wash it with our swimsuits. It is seriously SO easy. It also doesn't get weighed down by the water like most disposable swim diapers do.

We purchased our swim diaper from Zulily. I know you can also find them places like Target and Walmart. The Honest Company even carries them. This is a great way to save a little money, and it is cuter and more comfortable for your baby/toddler! You know I'm all about a cute baby bum.

3. Wet Bag

If you think a wet bag is just for cloth diapers think again! We use our wet bag every single time we go to the pool or beach. We always strip mini d down right there on the beach after we rinse her off and put her dry clothes back on her before leaving. We have to put her wet swimsuit and swim diaper somewhere, so we throw it in the wet bag until we can get home.  It keeps everything else in your beach bag from getting soaked!

We found ours at Kelly's Closet, but I have seen them on Zulily before too!

4. Puddle Jumper

My mother-in-law purchased this for mini d before she was even born. We are big proponents of not drowning, as most sane parents probably are. Let's hope. Anyway, if we are just playing up in the sand on the beach we usually don't make mini d wear the puddle jumper, but if we are going to get out in the water or if we are anywhere near a pool she HAS to have it on.

Personally, we have found that these are a lot more stable and reliable than the traditional blow-up style arm floating devices. They are also more comfortable than a regular life jacket. They come in tons of fun designs so your child actually WANTS to wear it. They retail for around $12.99, which is cheap compared to the price of your child's life. Just sayin'. You can find them at Walmart, Target, Amazon, or pretty much any sporting goods store.

5. Cheap Plastic Buckets and Shovels

Dollar Tree cheap. Talk about endless hours of fun. Or in mini d's case an hour before she passes out from utter exhaustion. Trust me, you do not want to be the parents that take your kids to the beach without toys to play with. They will get bored, and fast. They will also try to steal the toys of other children on the beach, and that is not a fun time. Or was that just my kid, whoops!

Kids are hard on their toys, and they aren't go to last forever no matter how much you spend so I say go the Dollar Tree route. Dollar Tree is one of my FAVORITE stores, it's amazing what you can find in there, and guess what?! It's only $1. Awesome!

Have a {safe} and HAPPY 4th of July!!!

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