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Friday, June 26, 2015

The Honest Company: A Mommy Review

To be {honest}, no cheesy pun intended, I can't remember how we stumbled upon The Honest Company. <--- Linked it. We were mid-journey cloth diapering, and decided it was time for mini d to start Daycare (she was a year old). Unfortunately, due to State regulations for Daycare's that receive government funding, cloth diapering was not permitted in the Daycare we chose. When it came down to it we would rather have given up our cloth diapers and had mini d in a Daycare that we trusted. So that's exactly what we did.

Our issue: Mini D has VERY sensitive skin. I'm talking special lotion two times a day sensitive skin. Our battle with diaper rash was an up-hill journey we thought we would never win. Using cloth diapers had been our solution for months.

The Honest Company gave us a diaper option that was hypoallergenic and free of processing additives and chlorine.  Do a little research and you would be SHOCKED to find out the amounts of harsh chemicals that are in most disposable diapers. 

We get A LOT of comments on mini d's diapers, because they are so darn cute! We also get a lot of questions! In the hopes of answering the questions I KNOW you must be thinking I've worked out a little Q&A. 

Are they expensive?

No! They really aren't any more expensive than your Pampers or Huggies brands! Especially when you consider they will ship them to your door for free so you are saving on gas to the store and back. When your store is 40 miles away this is kind of a big deal. 

Also, if you subscribe to the monthly bundle package you will get additional discounts. Diapers and wipes for a month are included in the bundle. And yes, there really are enough to get you through an entire month. However, their wipes aren't our favorite. We prefer the Sam's Club brand wipes. I usually send the wipes I get in our bundle up to the Daycare, and we use the off-brand at home. Somehow mini d's wacky skin does not react negatively to those particular store-branded wipes.

Are you locked in to the bundle?

The word subscription scares people. You are not locked in to the bundle. You can change your shipping dates on the website online based on your needs. You can also call and cancel at any time, their customer service is excellent from our experience! 

What about their other bundles?

We have never used their vitamin or formula bundles, so I don't have any experience there. We do sometimes get the household products and have been really happy with the items we have gotten in the past. We {love} the toilet cleaner, rinse aid, and laundry detergent! 

We also purchase the healing balm, and use it as diaper rash guard/cream. We use it at every changing to prevent rash. Once we got rid of the rashes we DID/DO not want them to come back!

Helpful Tip: The healing balm is a cloth diaper friendly diaper rash cream!!! 

Other products we LOVE include: the bug spray and sunscreen! 

Other FYI:

You can get a free trial. The free trial is worth the cost of shipping you pay. I know, I know so technically not free. If you decide the products just aren't for you make sure you call and cancel your subscription. By accepting the free trial you automatically get signed up for a subscription. Canceling it is VERY easy. I don't think you will want to though! 

Their diapers are ADORABLE! They come out with new patterns for boys and girls every season, and they are SOOOOOO cute! It makes diaper changing a little more fun! 

They also carry pull-ups! I will say that their pull-up sizes seem to run big, and are not as cost comparable to other brands. 

The diapers run true to size in our opinion, but I have heard some think they run a tiny bit small. If you are in between sizes you may want to size up just to be safe.

If you are in the diaper subscription and need two sizes of diapers you can call and request that x number of packs in your bundle be a size x and then x number of packs be a different size. We have done this when we were in between sizes for bedtime/daytime and there was no additional charge. 

Overall, we have loved our Honest Company diaper subscription for over a year! As we are moving in to the Potty "Teaching" stage, and making that transition we are experimenting with using Huggies brand pull-ups because the cost differential does change when you go from regular diapers to training pants. We are still using the diapers at night, and the healing balm as a preventative measure. It's definitely worth giving them a try if cloth diapers aren't your thing!

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Plus, when you order through my link, it helps me to continue to offer you lots of valuable information. Thank you, in advance for your support!

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