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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Potty "Teaching" 101: The Beginning

So let's explore potty training! I really like to think we are potty teaching instead of potty training, I mean these are kids not dogs, right?! Ever tried to TRAIN a two year old? Exactly, we don't train we TEACH.

Anyway, if you are looking for a successful I potty trained my baby at 6 months or in 3 days blog this is not the place for you, sorry. This is not to say those methods don't work, I'm sure they do, they just aren't the avenue we have decided to go down.

So what exactly is the avenue that we are on? I like to call it the, she will potty when she is ready to potty avenue. We make using the potty fun! Or attempting to use the potty. Mini d will be two in a month and she has recently started showing some interest in using the potty. We actually bought her a potty chair (score at a consignment sale for $5!) just after her first birthday and placed it in our bathroom. We wanted her to get used to seeing it, and give her the opportunity to use it when she was ready.

We like to celebrate our successes AND our failed attempts. We get excited and dance around, while flushing our imaginary "tee tee". She loves to try to use the potty, even though I can count on one hand the amount of times she has been successful. 

She loves to wear her princess panties, even if she potties on the carpet. She will also pick a pull-up over a diaper every single time. You know pull-ups are for big girls right? Diapers are for babies, and she most definitely will not let you consider her a baby.

It seems like the norm for parents to want their children potty "trained" as quickly as possible. Why rush it? Other than of course the pay raise most of us will get when we no longer have to buy diapers. Let them be little. I have to trust it will happen in due time. How many kids do you know that require a diaper when they go to kindergarten? 

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