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Monday, June 29, 2015

Meal Plan Monday

It's been a while since we've talked about grocery shopping and meal planning so I thought we would re-visit it! I've talked to quite a few of you, and know that you've been having success and saving money using the techniques we talked about in Grocery Shopping and Menu Prep: Part 1 and Part 2.

So what does our menu look like this week? This is an interesting week, as it's the END OF THE MONTH. Cue doomsday music. You know what that means, we are closing in on the budget. We are in {use up what's left} mode.

Want to know how we budget?

Of course there's a blog series on that!

Budgeting 101: Getting Started
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Budgeting 101: Breaking Down Your Expenses

What's left for dinner?


Rotisserie Pork Chops
- Purchased on our bulk buy at Sam's and frozen.

Unthawed and rubbed with olive oil.
Salt and pepper.
Throw in a little meat tenderizer.

Sprinkled with the following seasoning:
Weber Roaster Garlic and Herb {Sam's Club}

Cook until meat reaches appropriate temperature in rotisserie cooker.
It usually takes about 40 minutes.

Creamed Corn
- Home grown and put up to be frozen earlier in the month.

Fried Squash and Zucchini
-Straight from the garden.

Thinly slice your veggies and soak them in water.
Put some flour in a bowl (it doesn't matter what kind).
Toss in some season salt and garlic salt. Be sure to lick your finger and taste the flour to make sure you don't get it too salty. FYI, in a Southern kitchen licking your finger and tasting is totally acceptable.
Toss your veggies into the flour mixture until they are coated nicely.
Get your grease hot and fry your veggies until they are golden brown. SO GOOD! And no calories because it's veggies, DUH!

We may or may not have made brownies for dessert!
- Boxed brownies purchased at Publix BOGO and stocked in the pantry.


The classic....Hamburger Helper

This is actually a FAVORITE of Daddy D's. Me not so much, but what can I say, I make sacrifices for my man. Oh and it's cheap, we all know how I feel about cheap! We will use hamburger meat purchased on our bulk buy at Sam's and frozen. The Hamburger Helper kit was purchased during a BOGO sale at Publix and stashed in the pantry.


The glorious day when my angel of a mother-in-law cooks us dinner!


Gymnastics night. AKA we splurge and have Zaxby's because we are on the run!


Grilled Cheese Sandwiches...enough said.


We are heading to Freeport for the 4th! What does this mean? Probably ham sandwiches!


In celebration of my extremely smart and dedicated little sister graduating from dental hygiene school my parents are treating our entire family to one of our favorite restaurants...Cafe Thirty-A. Looks pricey doesn't it? It's not! Here's a hint...BOGO entree's between 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm. They take reservations!

Here's to making it to the 1st and staying within our monthly budget!

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