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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Jamaica - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

That one time we went to Jamaica...and it wasn't the most fun ever.

Growing up we traveled as a family A LOT. If money grew on trees I think I would just quit working and travel the world, family in tow. When Daddy D and I met he had been, well basically nowhere. He was totally content with never seeing anything other than our backyard. Seriously, it was mind boggling to me. I mean there is SO MUCH beauty in this world that God has created for us. I feel like it's just a waste of my time here on this Earth not to see it.

I started Daddy D out slow and easy. We went to Nashville, TN, Gatlinburg, TN, Orlando, FL, Atlanta, GA. Like I said, slow and easy. When we got the opportunity to travel with my family to Jamaica, it took a little lot of convincing but I finally convinced him he would have a blast. Because we had such a large group we decided to stay at a privately owned castle instead of going the all-inclusive resort route. Yes I said CASTLE. <--- Linked it. Two castles actually, with two maids, our own chef, and a groundskeeper. Sounds like a dream vacation right?! Wrong.

The only way I can see Jamaica being a good idea for vacation would be if you went to an all-inclusive resort, and stayed there. NEVER leave the resort. We experienced THE REAL Jamaica, and personally I would prefer not to go back. 

Before I go any further I should probably mention I found out I was pregnant with Mini D a couple of weeks before we left. My negative views of Jamaica may have been partially fueled by the fact that I wanted to vomit at the smell of Jamaican food, which is the ONLY thing our chef could cook, and my lack of alcohol intake. Let's be real, sometimes Momma needs a margarita, just sayin'. 

Pregnancy aside, Jamaica is mostly a very poor and rural island. The markets are crowded and dirty. Almost every local you meet wants to rip you off because you are a tourist, or sell you weed. Yes, I said weed. You may even get in a situation where someone tries to purchase YOU from the backseat of your cab. It's a scary place for those that are not fans of "roughing" it. Goats roam the roads like feral cats. You may even end up with goat on your plate for dinner. Not a fan.

There really isn't a whole lot to do if you aren't staying on a resort. The resorts organize trips and excursions that are safe for tourists. If you aren't staying on a resort it is up to you to find something to do. We were in Jamaica for 7 DAYS.

We drove eight hours round trip to see the {Blue Lagoon}. It was beautiful, but it was 8 HOURS in a tiny car. Who wants to spend 8 hours in a HOT car on vacation? 

See this ^^^ that's what 8 hours in a HOT car will do to you....more like HOT MESS.

News Flash: If you aren't staying on a resort there are NO BEACHES. Sure there is water everywhere, but public beaches are few and far between. The beaches on the resorts are man-made. We had beautiful views of the ocean at our castle, but we couldn't get to it unless we took a plunge off the side of a rocky cliff.

And poor Daddy D, he was allergic to EVERYTHING on the island. He was covered in hives the entire time we were there. I felt awful! 

So let me sum it up for you:

Skip Jamaica and go to the Turks and Caicos. 

If you go to Jamaica STAY ON THE RESORT.

Do not get pregnant right before your island vacation.

Say no to drugs and yes to margaritas.

I love our pictures and am glad we can file away the vacation as an experience we will never forget.

Turks and Caicos here we come, May 2016. 

1 comment:

Liane C said...

I totally agree! I am so glad we went to Jamaica but I will never go back and I'm with you girl, Beaches Turks and Caicos 2016!!!