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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

5 Things You DON'T Want To Stock Up On Before Baby

Talk about baby prep explosion! Being the {Type A} people that we are Daddy D and I planned EVERYTHING pre-baby. You know what we learned about 0.25 seconds in to actually becoming parents, your plans are basically crap. Excuse my language. Planning for the arrival of your baby sounds like a good idea, and sometimes it is helpful, but sometimes it's just a waste of time and money. In an effort to share some things we learned post baby I've compiled a list of the top 5 things you DON'T want to stock up on before baby!

1. Diapers

Holy moly we had the diapers! We thought we were set, until our little sensitive skin, eczema having, baby made her appearance. Did you know most disposable diapers have tons of chemicals in them and babies with sensitive skin will get awful rashes from using them?! Yeah, we didn't either! We quickly became thankful for cloth diapers, The Honest Company, and Wal-Mart's return policy!

Curious about starting cloth diapers?! Check out this intro post - Cloth Diapers: Getting Started

2. Bottles

Ok so if you have looked over this blog for even a minute you know I breastfed mini d. As a full-time working (outside of the home) mommy we knew we were going to need bottles. What we didn't know was finding the right bottle for our little breastfed munchkin' was going to be a huge trial and error process, which would require us to go through about a million trillion different bottle brands.

So what am I saying? Don't buy $200 worth of Dr. Brown bottles just because your BFF said those were the absolute best on the market. You may end up needing the Avent bottles you bought used at the local consignment sale coupled with those Dr. Brown nipples. Yepp, they work together. Weird.

Helpful Tip: Breastfed babies never need a fast flowing nipple. Always choose the natural flow or the lowest level nipple for your breastfed baby.

3. Lotion and Baby Wash

Again with the crazy chemicals and sensitive skin issues. Did you know Johnson & Johnson is not the only maker of lotion and baby wash for babies? Did you also know it is NOT made for sensitive skin?

Moral of the story - You don't know what special qualities your little baby may be born with. Ours was born with sensitive skin and so the mounds and mounds of lotion and baby wash we got in preparation for her were basically useless once she got here.

4. Pacifiers

SO MANY different brands of pacifiers. It's kind of overwhelming. We didn't introduce mini d to the pacifier until around 6 weeks because we didn't want to interfere with her breastfeeding. When we finally did introduce it we went through many different brands and styles before we found one she liked. She ended up taking the vanilla scented gumdrop, OF COURSE it had to be vanilla scented.

You might ask, why even bother with the pacifier? We HAD to use one to help get mini d's hemangioma meds down. We didn't have much of a choice.

PS: Companies actually make glow in the dark pacifiers. How cool is that? Way cool when it's 1:00 am and your baby is screaming for her pacifier and it's dark and you are half asleep.

5. Diaper Cream

Not all diaper creams are created equal. Some just don't work. Others will mess up your cloth diapers. Some are stinky, some are thick, some are thin. Don't stock up on just one brand. Make sure you get a few different brands and figure out what works for your baby. Heck you may not even need diaper cream, at two we are still reliant on it though! Don't even get me started on those teething diapers. Diaper rash flair up in about 30 seconds flat!

As parents, {especially pregnant and nesting mommy's} we are programmed to want the absolute best for our babies. We also want to make sure we have everything prepared for their sweet little arrival. Sometimes we make plans and God laughs. Ultimately we are on his plan. Each baby is a unique gift, and will have different needs. Planning is good, but don't go overboard planning for someone you haven't even met yet. Spoken from the queen of overboard planning.

Psssstttt...want to know what you should stock up on? Check it out {HERE}

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Anonymous said...

Just a side note on the diaper creams- save time, money, and hair pulling by going with the minimum- we use mainly 3 things; vaseline, triple antibiotic cream, and althetes foot cream. Sometimes a&d ointment if we need a better barrier cream than the vaseline. Our little girl was super sensitive too; we thought it was the diapers giving her bad rashes, turns out it was the sensitive wipes and fancy diaper creams.