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Thursday, June 18, 2015

5 MUST HAVE Items Before Your Baby Arrives

SO I very well couldn't tell you what NOT to stock up on before baby and then leave you hanging on some of the things we absolutely couldn't live without!

Pssssst....if you are wondering what NOT to stock up on look over here: 5 Things You DON'T Want To Stock Up On Before Baby

Contrary to popular belief you really don't need a whole lot in the beginning for a baby, and it doesn't have to be super expensive.

What couldn't we live without?

1. Woombie

Right after your sweet little baby is born you will get some quality nursing time and skin-to-skin time. At some point a nurse will come in and in about 5 seconds flat will beautifully swaddle your sleeping baby in blankets. They will even teach you how to do it if you ask. They make it look SO easy. You might even think you've got the blanket swaddling down pat while in the hospital...and then you go home. And exhaustion officially starts taking over as you come off of the adrenaline high. And everything that nurse taught you about swaddling has left your mind. And at 2:00 am you are trying to youtube how to swaddle blankets while practicing on a stuffed bear all while your baby is screaming.

There is an answer to this madness. It's called a Woombie...

This is the answer people, and at a cost of around $30 each you can't afford not to have one. Really you need two just in case you have a massive blowout diaper and one is in the wash.

How does it work?

It holds the baby tightly like a swaddle, recreating the feeling felt in the Mother's womb (woombie, get it?!). This in turn comforts your baby and allows them to drift off in to sleepy land. The zipper is way better than the traditional velcro swaddle because the noise won't wake the baby and you can unzip from the bottom for easy diaper changes without having to fully remove your baby.

Don't question it just buy it and thank me later.

2. White Noise Maker

There are so many of these on the market, and it really doesn't matter which you decide on as long as you have one. Teaching your baby to sleep in silence is a bad idea because our surroundings rarely ever involve silence.

Meet Henry. He is mini-d's bedtime BFF.

Henry makes a lovely static white noise that lulls mini-d to sleep and helps her stay asleep. He's also super soft and lovey. Our only issue, Henry goes off every 45 minutes. Usually this doesn't wake mini-d up, but it would be awesome if he stayed on all night. I think Daddy D has kind of grown partial to Henry because usually when Henry goes off Daddy D wakes up and turns him right back on.

Helpful Tip: Stay stocked up on batteries for your noise maker. You DO NOT want to get in a situation where you try to turn your noise maker on at bedtime only to find out the batteries are dead and you don't have replacements!

3. Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Oh you have saved me. This seriously may be the single best invention EVER. Need to clean your house, but can't put the baby down? Need to go grocery shopping without your child jumping out of the cart? Need to keep your baby away from germy, handsy strangers? Need to cook dinner? Exactly. 

Face it we need both hands to function, and we aren't in to just letting babies cry over at our house. I've been asked whether or not this makes babies clingy or develop skills like walking slower. Mini-d is proof that this couldn't be further from the truth. Mini-d started walking right before she was 10 months old, and she is one of the most independent {almost} two year olds I have ever seen. 

Helpful Tip: Make sure you are getting an ergonomic baby carrier, this will give baby and Mommy more support and make for a more comfortable baby wearing experience overall. 

Depending on the brand you choose, a baby carrier can seem a little pricey, but I promise you it is worth the investment. They also hold their value. Many times they actually increase in value as patterns are retired. For instance, my Tula cost around $150 originally. The pattern is no longer available, and is now worth upwards of $250. Would I sell that bad boy? Heck to the no! It's finally broken in just the way I like it!

4. Medela Breast Pump

An absolute necessity for Mommy's that work outside of the home. Again, this is an investment but the money we saved on formula paid for it over and over again I promise. Not to mention your insurance provider may even cover the cost for you!

Pumping is a commitment to the well being of your child, and really a sacrifice that is SO worth it. To all working Mommy's that have gone on the pumping journey, I commend you, you are rockstars! If you are planning to need to pump make sure you get a good breast pump. Your supply is dependent on the efficiency of your pump. 

Want to know more about breastfeeding? I've got you covered...

5. NoseFrida

When I first heard of these magical objects I thought it was a joke. I thought surely people do not actually suck snot from their baby's nose using their MOUTH. Let me tell you, it's legit. And it's all kinds of awesome! Go ahead and throw those nasty bulby things they give you in the hospital away right now! They don't work and they collect black mold on the inside.


So just do yourself a favor and get this beauty. When your baby can't breathe and you are freaking out you will thank me. It sucks the snot right out! And yes, there is a filter. 

Like I said, there are very few things you need when you bring home your new baby. If you have boobs, onesies, some form of diapering, and somewhere to sleep you can make it. I promise. But, if you are planning ahead these are a few of the 1st world luxuries we would not want to live without. Our lives have been made a million times easier by these products, and most of the time it was because we experienced the problem before finding the solution. At least maybe I can offer the solution to you before it becomes a problem! 


Brytni Cothern said...

I'm so glad you recommended the noise maker! I recommend them to EVERYONE. We actually have the same one as mini-d except ours is named George!! Loving what you post! Keep up the good work. :)

Misti Nicole said...

Thanks so much Brytni! We received ours as a gift and have used it every day since she was born! It has been a life saver. She can sleep through anything! I love hearing that people enjoy what I write, you've made my day : )