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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mommy Shopping - On The Cheap!

Retail Therapy...I think the only thing better is hiding in your pantry eating Reese's peanut butter Easter eggs all by yourself. Of course these hypothetical chocolates would also be magic calorie free candies! Mmmmmm....

Anyway, how do I make my love for shopping work with my love for saving money? The Duggars (my guilty obsession) have coined one of my VERY favorite sayings, "Buy used and save the difference." I have always gotten a rush from finding awesome clothes, accessories, and even shoes (gasp!) from thrift shopping.

Thrift Shopping: A fancy way of saying you like to hit up the Christian Mission.

Back in the day, before I spent my Saturday mornings doing laundry before everyone wakes up, I would even frequent garage sales! Saving money is nothing to be ashamed of!

Think about it like this...

You are saving money.
You are contributing money to a charitable cause, usually.
You are getting super cute clothes!

I've heard people say that this is unhygienic. Whatevs, these are the same people blowing up Victoria's Secret. You know people try that underwear on before you buy it, and most of the time I bet they don't use those liners. TMI, I know, but just being real. It's called a washing machine people!

After baby I don't have as much time to thrift shop, so I've turned to my new online thrift shopping obsession!

It's called Twice, and this is how it works:

They sell name-brand used clothes at a high discount.
They will also buy your name brand used clothes.
They will pay you in paypal, by check, or you can get your money in store credit and earn 25% more back.
If you are selling you just request a bag, fill it up, and send it in. It's no cost to you.

Personally, I like to send in clothes and get the store credit. Then I turn around and buy clothes from the website. I'm netting out to zero! They don't just have clothes, they've got shoes and purses too. They have also recently starting carrying men's clothes as well!

Here is a link, check it out! Twice <--- Click it

Just by using my link you will get $10 when you shop and $10 when you sell!

PS: Download their app on your phone and get an additional $10 store credit! Like their Facebook page and get a code for 15% off that you can use on top of that!

When I'm not finding good deals on used clothes, I will scour through the bargain racks at some of my favorite outlets. Yes, outlets even have a sale rack. Try googling for coupons before you go shopping if you know there is a particular store you are planning to go to! Most of the time you can find at least 15% off! Sometimes you don't even have to print it, you can just show it to the cashier at check-out on your phone.

AAA member? They also give 10% discounts at many stores! Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic are just a few examples! These discounts can usually be stacked on top of your coupons!

Don't spend money you don't have to! Never pay retail! Happy Shopping!

Much Love, Misti

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