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Sunday, May 10, 2015

How To: Save Money on Your Monthly Bills

Who doesn't love saving money?! You are probably spending too much money for services that you pay for every single month and you don't even realize it! Did you know that you can negotiate with your monthly service providers? Just call me the bill negotiator. HA!

These are some of the services that you can usually negotiate a better rate on:

Home Alarm Monitoring
Internet/Home Phone (wait do people still have these?!)

Let me just start by saying there is no reason, like ever, you should get in to a contract for any service for any length of time. This will ALWAYS cost you more money in the long run.


If you still have cable and satellite you are living in the ancient world. There is something out there called streaming, if you have wireless internet you can stream pretty much anything you want to watch straight to your television for practically nothing! Like Sports?! Yepp, for $20 you can also stream that. Sounds cheaper than the $200 a month you are probably paying for cable or satellite right now doesn't it? Streaming is SO EASY (seriously, my grandparents have it), but really deserves its' own blog post so we won't elaborate any more on this right now. If you were already doing this you wouldn't need a post on how to negotiate with your cable or satellite provider now would you?

Cable/Satellite companies are the EASIEST to negotiate with. All you have to do is take 15 minutes of your day and pick up the phone and call them. It may take a couple of calls, but will probably cut your monthly bill in half. The first time you call simply (but firmly) ask them if there are any rebates or discounts you can sign up for because your bill is currently just too high and you are considering other options for your monthly services. This will usually get you a decent discount.

Want more of a discount? Call them back and tell them that the discount they offered is still not comparable to the prices of their competitors and that you are planning to switch. You can even go as far as setting up a tentative cut-off date at some point in the future. Within 24 hours they will be calling you back and BEGGING you to stay. They will then offer you a discount that will most likely cut your bill in HALF. It is important to remember though that you want to be clear in the fact that you do not want to re-up a contract regardless of the discount they offer you. You DO NOT want to be stuck in a contract.

Home Alarm Monitoring

Centurylink, our internet provider, has been sending me emails for almost a year about their home alarm monitoring services. In the emails they state that they will do everything my current provider, ADT, does for $34.99 a month. At the time I was paying ADT $48 a month. So I called ADT and simply stated that I was considering switching to Centurylink and told them the price Centurylink offered me. Within 5 minutes my rate had been discounted to $34.99 a month. The phone call lasted all of 10 minutes. Instant savings!

Internet/Home Phone

Like I said, we use Centurylink for our Internet services. We no longer have home phone, because if you have a cell phone there is really no reason for a home phone service (waste of money). When we did have a home phone we used Centurylink, that's why I'm including these together. Usually when you sign up for services with a company like this they will give you rebates or special entry rates to entice you to use their services. Eventually these rebates/rates fall off, and all of a sudden your bill is double. Did you know that all you have to do to get them back is call them? This recently happened to us, and I called and they re-applied our old rate. Our bill went from $78 back to $48.

Are you seeing a pattern?! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CALL!

Just try it! What can it hurt? I bet you save your family some money!

Much Love, Misti

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