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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Munchkin Munchin'

One of our biggest struggles on the day to day is getting mini-d to eat! She is just much too busy to be bothered with something like eating. I swear she NEVER gets hungry, don't we all wish we had that problem!

Whether she actually eats it or not she is given a lunch every day. Of course, at Daycare they serve whatever is on the menu that day. At home, we have to come up with quick and easy ways to feed her on the weekends. Bonus points if it's healthy.

So what does her usual lunch consist of?

She LOVES little cutie oranges so we usually have one of those!
Ritz Crackers
A veggie pouch

How is this a quick lunch to throw together?

The weekend after we go grocery shopping I usually wash and cut up all of the fruit I think we will need for the week and separate them into containers for the refrigerator. This way I'm not having to try to do that entire routine daily, I'm getting it all done at once.

We use this chicken....

Yepp, you can microwave it.

She usually never touches the chicken anyway. She is so not in to meat at all.

Okay so what if she doesn't eat lunch? We don't force her to eat. We leave the plate out for her to snack on as she pleases. And if she still doesn't eat, we don't freak out. It's totally normal! Some kids eat a lot and some kids don't eat much at all. Every child is different! She drinks her milk and water and is still growing far too quickly for this Mommy's heart. 

What about snacks?

Our favorite snacks are pouches, fruit, marshmallows (aka "mallows"), cheese, and yogurt!

At dinner she usually eats what we eat, except her plate is enriched with additional fruits and veggies if ours is lacking.

Oh and isn't her plate just the coolest thing EVER?! You have seriously got to check this thing out and see how it works, it is AWESOME! We love our Happy Mat! The brand is EZPZ and she is a WAHM.  I've linked you the website!

Much Love, Misti

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