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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Toddlers and Teething

Oh the joys of teething....

"Be happy she is teething later," they said.

"Fever, runny nose, cough - none of these are symptoms of teething," they said.

"Mini-D" didn't cut her first tooth until she was one. There were many times I got the side-eye from other mother's indicating that this was some sort of developmental delay, yeah right. Others tried to tell us we should be happy she was teething a little later...

I have no experience with a teething baby, but let me tell you, a teething toddler isn't fun. Luckily we've been able to mitigate the discomfort using this awesome amber teething necklace from

Our teething symptoms are as follows:

- Runny Nose
- Cough
- Low-Grade Fever
- Irritability

The general consensus among health care professionals is that there is no proof these are teething related, I believe otherwise. "Mini-D" will usually have these symptoms for 24-48 hours and then a tooth magically appears to break-through. Every. Single. Time.

We use a combination of our teething necklace, essential oils, breast milk, a little prayer, and mommy/daddy snuggles to combat our teething symptoms. 

Full-time working parents dilemma:

- A fever is a fever to Daycare
- Our Daycare doesn't allow her to wear her amber necklace 
- Your boss doesn't care if you've only slept 4 hours out of the last 48

Luckily we have coffee and an awesome mother-in-law to see us through!

We've had two sleepless nights with this tooth, here's to hoping for some rest for everyone tonight!

1 comment:

Misti Nicole said...

Update: Three sleepless nights and three new teeth making an appearance. Does that mean I can have three cups of coffee today?! Sheesh, I NEED IT!