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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Recipe Alert: Pigs in a Blanket

Pigs In A Blanket

This may be the most cooked breakfast item in our house. Daddy-D LOOOOOOVES some pigs in a blanket. It is also by far one of the easiest things you can cook for breakfast that doesn't involve a bowl of cereal. 

What you need:

It's hard to tell but this is actually a mini-can of crescents. In order to make this as economical as possible I buy the mini-can and only use half of the pack of smokies. This will make 20+ pigs, which will easily feed all three of us.

Tip: Don't buy the off-brand crescents. I usually advocate store brand, but this is not one of those cases. Trust me, you can tell the difference.

So cover a baking sheet with foil and spray will cooking oil. Covering the baking sheet means that you won't have to wash it when you are done. Busy mornings do not leave time for dirty dishes.

Cut your crescents in 5th's like so:

Using your cut pieces roll your little weenies up and place on the pan:

See the little tiny ones on the bottom left? If you are feeding a toddler you can cut a couple of your crescent pieces in to smaller portions and cut one weenie in to 3 pieces. It's easier to cut everything on the front end. If you try to cut it after you've already cooked it, it will most likely fall apart on you.

Bake according to the directions on your can of crescents. Mine usually take about 12 minutes on 375. 

I like mine plain, but Daddy-D likes to dip his in syrup. 

Don't forget, if you only used half of the bag you still have another set waiting to be cooked for another morning! 

Oh and one more thing! Sam's Club actually sells a monster bag of these weenies. When we make our quarterly trip I usually buy this bag and using my trusty food saver I separate in to bags of 20. This is the absolute best way to get the most bang for your buck

These are super quick, super easy, and super yummy! Enjoy!

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