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Thursday, April 30, 2015

How To: Store and Print Your Pictures...FOR CHEAP

I am OBSESSED with taking pictures. I love documenting our family events from behind a camera. But what good are your pictures if you don't print them? I mean other than Facebook of course! I know we're all guilty of over-sharing on Facebook, and that includes pictures! Heck I'm so much of an over-sharer I had to start a blog to write all of my junk down!

Anyway, before baby I was an avid scrapbooker. I would run up to Wal-Mart and put my disk in the little machine and print my pictures. I would then go home and spend hours and a small fortune putting together scrapbooks. When I got pregnant with mini-d I decided quickly that it may be in my best interest to try another route because there was no way I was going to be able to keep up with my scrapbooking hobby.

This is when I was introduced to Shutterfly. I got some $20 off coupons in the mail and decided to give it a try. I put together my first photo-book and it was love from there on out. Looking at the prices though it did seem a little costly. I quickly learned though that by creating an account Shutterfly would send me coupons for free photo-books regularly. So here is my suggestion: Create an account and compose your photo-book. Then wait until you get a coupon for a free book and order it. You will have to pay shipping, but it is very little.

What about printing your pictures? They will also periodically send you coupons for 101 free prints. Keep uploading your pictures to the site and when you get the coupon print everything! You're still stuck with the shipping cost, but it is NOTHING compared to what you saved.

Sometimes you can also stack coupons on your order by getting discounts from Ebates. If you're not familiar with Ebates and you like saving money and getting cash back you need to GET FAMILIAR. Like yesterday.

Now, have you ever thought about where you are storing your pictures? I mean you can't guarantee something won't happen to your phone that will cause you to lose everything on it, spoken from experience. And those little disk cards in your camera? Yeah those go bad.

Once you have created an account download the FREE shutterfly app. You can upload pictures to your Shutterfly account directly from your phone. It's unlimited, free photo storage which is pretty much AWESOME.

PS: If you would like a referral from me I can get you a free photo-book, just let me know!

Disclaimer: Shutterfly is not paying me to say this nor am I affiliated with them at all other than being a user. They actually probably have no idea I even exist. This is an honest review of their services. Much Love, Misti

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