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Thursday, April 30, 2015

How To: Store and Print Your Pictures...FOR CHEAP

I am OBSESSED with taking pictures. I love documenting our family events from behind a camera. But what good are your pictures if you don't print them? I mean other than Facebook of course! I know we're all guilty of over-sharing on Facebook, and that includes pictures! Heck I'm so much of an over-sharer I had to start a blog to write all of my junk down!

Anyway, before baby I was an avid scrapbooker. I would run up to Wal-Mart and put my disk in the little machine and print my pictures. I would then go home and spend hours and a small fortune putting together scrapbooks. When I got pregnant with mini-d I decided quickly that it may be in my best interest to try another route because there was no way I was going to be able to keep up with my scrapbooking hobby.

This is when I was introduced to Shutterfly. I got some $20 off coupons in the mail and decided to give it a try. I put together my first photo-book and it was love from there on out. Looking at the prices though it did seem a little costly. I quickly learned though that by creating an account Shutterfly would send me coupons for free photo-books regularly. So here is my suggestion: Create an account and compose your photo-book. Then wait until you get a coupon for a free book and order it. You will have to pay shipping, but it is very little.

What about printing your pictures? They will also periodically send you coupons for 101 free prints. Keep uploading your pictures to the site and when you get the coupon print everything! You're still stuck with the shipping cost, but it is NOTHING compared to what you saved.

Sometimes you can also stack coupons on your order by getting discounts from Ebates. If you're not familiar with Ebates and you like saving money and getting cash back you need to GET FAMILIAR. Like yesterday.

Now, have you ever thought about where you are storing your pictures? I mean you can't guarantee something won't happen to your phone that will cause you to lose everything on it, spoken from experience. And those little disk cards in your camera? Yeah those go bad.

Once you have created an account download the FREE shutterfly app. You can upload pictures to your Shutterfly account directly from your phone. It's unlimited, free photo storage which is pretty much AWESOME.

PS: If you would like a referral from me I can get you a free photo-book, just let me know!

Disclaimer: Shutterfly is not paying me to say this nor am I affiliated with them at all other than being a user. They actually probably have no idea I even exist. This is an honest review of their services. Much Love, Misti

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Recipe Alert: Pigs in a Blanket

Pigs In A Blanket

This may be the most cooked breakfast item in our house. Daddy-D LOOOOOOVES some pigs in a blanket. It is also by far one of the easiest things you can cook for breakfast that doesn't involve a bowl of cereal. 

What you need:

It's hard to tell but this is actually a mini-can of crescents. In order to make this as economical as possible I buy the mini-can and only use half of the pack of smokies. This will make 20+ pigs, which will easily feed all three of us.

Tip: Don't buy the off-brand crescents. I usually advocate store brand, but this is not one of those cases. Trust me, you can tell the difference.

So cover a baking sheet with foil and spray will cooking oil. Covering the baking sheet means that you won't have to wash it when you are done. Busy mornings do not leave time for dirty dishes.

Cut your crescents in 5th's like so:

Using your cut pieces roll your little weenies up and place on the pan:

See the little tiny ones on the bottom left? If you are feeding a toddler you can cut a couple of your crescent pieces in to smaller portions and cut one weenie in to 3 pieces. It's easier to cut everything on the front end. If you try to cut it after you've already cooked it, it will most likely fall apart on you.

Bake according to the directions on your can of crescents. Mine usually take about 12 minutes on 375. 

I like mine plain, but Daddy-D likes to dip his in syrup. 

Don't forget, if you only used half of the bag you still have another set waiting to be cooked for another morning! 

Oh and one more thing! Sam's Club actually sells a monster bag of these weenies. When we make our quarterly trip I usually buy this bag and using my trusty food saver I separate in to bags of 20. This is the absolute best way to get the most bang for your buck

These are super quick, super easy, and super yummy! Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

DIY Baby Food

It may surprise you to know that making your own baby food is SIMPLE. It will also save you a ton of money!

To be honest I'm really not sure what inspired me to want to figure out how to make our baby food. I guess I was already making the milk so why not branch out and make the food too? I'm also cheap remember? Ha, it probably had something to do with saving money! And I swear every time I turn around something is being recalled! At least by making it myself I knew what was going into it.

So what do you need to make your own baby food?

You need three essentials: 

1) The Beaba Babycook - See picture above (the picture is linked)

2) Oxo Tot Storage Containers
3) Organic Fruits & Veggies

Let me blow your mind for a minute. I can buy one sweet potato (organic) for $1ish. Out of one sweet potato you can get around 8 servings of baby food. For that same $1 you can buy ONE single jar of Gerber, and who REALLY knows what they put in there!

So how does it work?

Buy your produce, we chose to buy organic at Publix. You know I love Publix. Some say buying organic is overrated and normally I can tell you we don't go that route because it is a little more expensive. However, a babies tummy in the beginning has a hard enough time as it is. I don't want to complicate things with preservatives and pesticides.

Bring your produce home, wash it, peel it, cut it in to chunks. Follow the instructions on the Beaba and fill with water as indicated, much like you would a Keurig. Steam your veggies in the Beaba. When it beeps it is ready (usually 10 - 15 minutes). Press the puree button and puree your baby food. Some food doesn't even need to be steamed, like avocado. If your baby food is still too thick just thin it out with a little water, or if you are breastfeeding add breastmilk. Scoop the baby food into your storage containers. Once the food is at room temperature you can freeze it. Unthaw as needed in the refrigerator overnight and warm in hot water. I wouldn't recommend using the microwave.

For those that don't purchase a Beaba, which really saved me, you can steam your veggies on the stove and puree using a regular blender. This is time consuming, and really wasn't worth the effort for me personally.

Anyway, I would designate a baby free time period and make up quite a bit of baby food and freeze it. Baby free time? What is this time you speak of? This is a magical time when your house is quiet and everyone else is asleep. Unfortunately, because your house is quiet you may find yourself hiding in your laundry room using your blender, because God forbid you wake someone up! That would be disastrous! So back on track, you need to make a lot of food at once so that you aren't constantly pulling everything out to make your baby food. I would recommend making enough for two weeks at the time.

We started introducing baby food at around 6 months, before this, especially for a breastfed baby actual food is really unnecessary. I will also say that we skipped all of the cereals and oatmeal's. We generally follow the "food before one is just for fun" rule.

Great first foods:

Sweet Potato

Even to this day mini-d adores avocado. It is by far her favorite. I always thinned it out a bit with breastmilk and it was SO EASY to make.

The baby food combinations you can make are really endless. The Beaba came with an excellent recipe booklet. You can also check out my Pinterest for some great links to recipes.

Between 6 months and a year we really did a mixture of breastmilk, our own purees, and baby led weaning. If you are curious about baby led weaning you can also check out my Pinterest boards (see link above).

After about 18 months she was far too independent to let me attempt to feed her puree's. I will be sure to follow up with a post on toddler feeding soon! Much Love, Misti

Monday, April 27, 2015

Breastfeeding 101: Me. Mini D. and The Pump.

It seemed like right when mini-d and I were starting to get into a good rhythm with breastfeeding it was time for me to return to work. Working, nursing, and pumping brought their own set of unique challenges. As I type this I already know that it will be difficult for some people to understand why I would put myself through this. If you have never experienced the joy of looking at your little one and seeing them grow knowing that YOU were providing their nourishment or being the cure all to every bump, scrape, and boo-boo then you probably won't get it, and that's okay.

Everyone has their own unique journey. My hope is that maybe there is a Mommy or future Mommy out there reading this that is getting overwhelmed thinking about returning to work and breastfeeding, and maybe by chance this blog encourages them because I can tell you from experience it is totally 100% possible. If it's worth it to you, you will find a way. Even if that means climbing three flights of stairs multiple times a day to pump in the dressing room of the gym at your work. Yes you heard that right, my work has a gym. My job rocks.

Anyway, we started introducing the bottle at around 8 weeks so that hopefully we could get mini-d to eat from someone other than me because we knew that at 12 weeks that would be the reality of our situation. She hated it. I couldn't even be in the house when daddy-d would attempt to feed her with it because she could smell me from a mile away. Remember what I said about milk vampires? Eventually after many tears, about twenty different bottle brands, and about 2 weeks we got it figured out. 

So we got her to take the bottle, but now I was responsible for producing what we would put in it. This began my relationship with THE BFF for a year. Working out a schedule of feeding and pumping and freezing and thawing was a little insane. 

Our schedule went a little something like this:

12:00 am - 4:00 am - Nurse on demand (or on hemangioma medication schedule)
4:30 am - Pump dry before showering for work (usually I would get 4 - 6 ounces)
7:00 am - Pump dry before leaving for work (2 ounces)
10:00 am - Pump dry (4 ounces)
12:30 pm - Pump dry (4 ounces)
3:30 pm - Pump dry (4 ounces)
5:30 pm - 11:59 pm Nurse on demand 

I pumped both sides at the same time for 6 - 10 minutes depending on how full I was.

So what did I freeze? Did I produce enough? Please remember that a breastfed baby NEVER needs more than 4 ounces of milk at a feeding. Look it up, truth. We used the FIFO (first in first out, AKA nerdy accounting term) method for frozen breastmilk. I would freeze everything I pumped that day. 

Side Note - The Up & Up bags made by Target are the absolute best for freezing milk!

I knew roughly how much mini-d was going to eat every day so I would take the oldest frozen milk out and put it in the fridge the night before to unthaw. When in doubt unthaw a little more than you think is necessary. It is good in the fridge for 2-3 days unthawed, or truthfully until it starts to get a smell. The bags would be kept cold until it was time to warm the milk for the bottle. One bag would be placed in a bowl of warm water (much easier to warm in the bag vs. the bottle), and then poured in to the bottle. Test the milk on your wrist by squirting a little out, if you don't feel it it's the right temperature. This means it is body temperature, which is what it would be if your little was getting it from the tap. Once warmed your milk is good at room temperature for up to 6 hours.

We always had a surplus of milk, and were actually able to donate to other Mommy's a few times. 

At 9 months mini-d just decided she was done with the boobs entirely. It was like a light switch went off and she wanted nothing to do with them anymore. The feelings that come over you during this process are so strong and so mixed. It was part relief and a large part sadness. Most people will call what she did a nursing strike. Unfortunately, we couldn't spend all day cuddled up trying to re-kindle that relationship, which is what some would suggest. I had to go to work on Monday so when it was over it was just over.

At this point I now had to pump ALL THE TIME. If she was going to eat I was going to have to pump because knowing that I could produce what was best for her and not giving it to her just wasn't an option I was willing to consider. 

When she turned a year old I put the pump down. Over a three week period I weaned myself from pumping. I knew we were done. I had enough milk frozen to feed her for THREE MORE MONTHS. And honestly still have some frozen that I give her on occasion.

Things you can use breastmilk for that may surprise you:

Pink Eye or Cold in Eye (use as drops)
Ear Infection (use as drops)
Eczema (rub on affected area)
Immune System Booster 
Freeze as a Popsicle for teething 

Helpful Tip: If you are going to have to really depend on your pump don't go for a cheap one. We all know I'm all about saving that dollar, but this is a case where money should not be an issue. Besides, consider all of the money you are saving by not buying formula? You can also claim the pump, bags, and all misc. breastfeeding supplies as miscellaneous medical expenses on your Schedule A on your tax return. 

This is the pump I recommend (picture is linked):

Many insurance providers are now covering the cost of your pump so be sure to check on that too. OR you can buy used and replace the tubing at minimal cost. 

PS: Please feel free to ask ANY questions. I'm totally open to answering questions, and would love to hear your feedback. Much Love, Misti

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Breastfeeding 101: Breastfeeding...The Beginning

Why yes, I'm going to talk about boobs and babies and everything in between.

Disclaimer: This blog is in no way meant to shame Mommy's for their choice regarding how they feed their baby. We chose to breastfeed. God blessed me with the ability to feed our daughter and so we chose to utilize his blessings. This is our story.

I know I said I was going to discuss feeding your toddler, but I figured it may be helpful to start at the beginning. This is the beginning...

When I got pregnant with mini-d I was determined that we were going to breastfeed. At the time my reasons for choosing this may have been selfish, but over time those reasons evolved in to something so much more.

My initial reasons for wanting to breastfeed:
 1: Free milk. Remember when I said I was cheap? Yepp, there was nothing much more appealing than the idea of not having to pay a ridiculous amount of money for formula.
 2: Weight loss: I had always heard that breastfeeding caused you to lose your baby weight quickly. What woman doesn't want their body back after baby as quickly as possible? Now, what I didn't realize was that in some cases this weight loss plan can spiral out of control. This was my case and I will go more in to detail about this.

Pregnancy passed and mini-d arrived in all her cute little glory. Within minutes of making her appearance, maybe even seconds she was placed on to my stomach and the two of us were expected to work together to figure this breastfeeding thing out.

NEWS FLASH: Breastfeeding in the beginning is HARD! Like really hard. Thank God for my mother who had the knowledge and know-how to guide us in the beginning.

So by some miracle of God mini-d got here and knew exactly what she was supposed to do. I on the other hand was totally clueless. Word of advice, don't be afraid to touch your boobs. Society has somehow made us think that our boobs are sexual, this is a product of "the world". The first thing I had to learn was that if I was going to feed my baby I was going to have to help her. Trust me, quickly enough they will learn to find the boob on their own. You could be fully clothed in your winter parka and that baby would find a way to get to the milk. They are like little milk vampires. THEY KNOW.

As is somewhat typical in the US for a full-time working mother I had 12 weeks of maternity leave. The first 8 weeks of nursing mini-d were the toughest. Breastfeeding is the hardest yet most rewarding thing I have done as a mother to-date. During those first 8 weeks you are a human pacifier. We didn't even offer the actual pacifier until 6 weeks so literally she was on my boobs 24/7. AND THAT IS NORMAL.

Do you know what else is normal? Feeling like you don't have enough milk. Your body bases your milk production on supply and demand. As your baby grows they continually demand more. It takes a little while in the beginning for you to level out. As long as they are gaining weight adequately you have enough. God created our bodies to know what to do. You have to TRUST YOUR BODY.

I'm not going to lie and say it is totally awesome being strapped to the couch for the first few weeks with a baby constantly on your breast. Your boobs are going to HURT. They are going to be sore and maybe even bleed. Your baby is probably going to cry and so are you. A LOT. Once you make it through the first few weeks though things become a lot easier.

Let me tell you what is awesome...not having to make bottles. Not having to wake up in the middle of the night and mix something up or warm something. Your milk is there and it is always the perfect temperature.

What about the weight-loss? Now I know that all women that breastfeed do not reep the benefits of instant pre-baby body. Please know that I am not saying any of this to brag, this actually became a very difficult area for me. I was shocked when I lost all of my baby weight within the first couple of weeks of having mini-d. The weight-loss didn't stop there though. I was happy with my pre-baby body, I didn't need to lose any more weight. I kept losing though, I lost so much weight that I didn't hardly recognize my body. I had never been that small before and it became dangerous for my health. Mini-D was taking everything that I had. I couldn't find clothes small enough to  fit. People would make comments to me about needing to eat and stop losing weight and I couldn't. I was determined not to give up on breast feeding though. I began drinking ensure and eating EVERYTHING in sight. I stopped working out. And by doing all of this I was able to maintain just enough to continue breastfeeding.

So why give up your body and struggle through all of this? The one thing I didn't take in to consideration and couldn't have known in the beginning was that the bond I would form with my baby through breastfeeding would change my life. It was the most special thing I think I had ever experienced. Also, by giving my baby the absolute best nutrients she could have I was helping her grow and protecting her from sickness. Other than the medication for her hemangioma, mini-d never received even as much as Tylenol in her first year of life. She never got sick, and I credit that solely to breastfeeding and the good Lord.

By the end of my 12 weeks of maternity leave I felt like we had a good thing going. Breastfeeding had become easy for us. Returning to work brought an entire new set of challenges. Our breastfeeding journey became three-fold. Me. Mini-D. and THE PUMP. Check back for our journey with the pump and working while nursing...Much Love, Misti

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Grocery Shopping & Menu Prep - Part Two

Grocery Shopping & Menu Prep
A Busy Mom's Guide: Part Two


If you are looking for a healthy, clean eating menu plan please stop reading here. This is not the blog for you! That reminds me of the following....

But eats SO much healthier than daddy-d and I (future blog on feeding your toddler/baby). I'm not saying that we don't attempt to be healthy. I'm just saying sometimes the majority of the time we opt for quick and convenient food options. At least it isn't fast food....right?! 

Ok so at this point I'm assuming you've already read Part One of this series...if not just click on over to it and start there! 

So it's Thursday, not really it's Saturday but you get where I'm going, and I've scoured my kitchen for what's already on hand. When did I do this? Oh at 4:35 am because when you are working outside the home full-time that's when things get done, when everyone is still asleep. Now it's my lunch break and I've got the Publix weekly ad pulled up online. I'm comparing what I've got at home with the list of what Publix is running a sale on that week to determine what quick and easy meals we can come up with for dinner. 

What about breakfast or lunch? I said three meals a day....and I meant it. We are super busy in the mornings. I keep certain things on hand at all times for breakfast and when we run out I buy more. There isn't a ton of planning that goes in to it.

Must Have Breakfast Items:
Eggo Waffles - Homestyle
Peanut Butter
Bisquick (pancakes)
Pillsbury Crescents and Southern Style Biscuits 
Little Smoky's 
Sausage (ground)
Bacon (only when it's BOGO)
Cream Cheese (publix brand)

Lunch usually consists of leftovers, tuna, chicken salad, or wraps/subs. 

Must Have Lunch Items:
Smoked Tuna (in the pack)
Cooked Chicken (in the can)
Deli Meats (save money and buy pre-packaged off brand)
Ritz Crackers (only when they are BOGO)
Chips (we buy what's on sale)
Italian dressing (publix brand)

SO MANY RECIPES....we do so much with what is listed above. It's just too much for this one blog. For the purposes of the blog today we are just going to cover basics. I will be sure to go in to more detail regarding recipes and ideas in future blog posts!

Nom Nom to my favorite...DINNER TIME. Dinner = Supper. All the same thing, who cares. 

So I've added the basics we've run out of or need to stock up on based on what is BOGO that week for breakfast and lunch. Those are staples. Our dinner menu changes weekly though. I love trying out new recipes on Pinterest, and I have some easy peasy recipes that were passed down to me from my mother or my mother-in-law that make a regular appearance on our menu (future blog post in the making). I plan weekly, but try not to repeat menu items in a month. Oh and did I mention I come from a long line of Southern cooks, and my parents own one of the top 100 restaurants in our home State. Yes I said STATE. That's a lot of pressure. Daddy-D will tell you that somehow those genes missed me, but I promise I do at least try. I give myself an A for effort. 

Anyway, I determine our dinner menu for the week. On Tuesday's my in-laws usually cook dinner for us and on Friday we may or may not eat at said family restaurant. Now you're thinking we are spoiled, and maybe we are. Oh well, so that leaves Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. There are occasional Saturday's we choose to eat out (remember $100 eating out budget). 

Dinner Staples (Recipe Blogs to follow)
Tater Tot Casserole 
Soy Sauce Pork Chops 
Scrambled-up Hamburgers
Sloppy Joe's
Breakfast for Supper
Hot Dogs
Crock-Pot Chicken Taco's
Crock-Pot Chicken and Rice
Hibachi chicken w/ Fried Rice
Pot-stickers w/ Fried Rice 
Rotisserie Pork Tenderloin
Fried Bologna Sandwiches (told ya to stop reading way up there if you wanted healthy)
Crock-Pot Ranch Pork Chops
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches w/ Soup
PB & J Sandwiches w/ Soup
Egg Salad Sandwiches
Hamburger Helper

Just to name a few ^^^

I will be sure to link the recipes back as soon as I can get them blogged so make sure you check back for more details! 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Grocery Shopping & Menu Prep - Part One

Grocery Shopping & Menu Prep
A Busy Mom's Guide: Part One

The hubby and I both work full-time outside of the home. This leaves little time for cutting coupons to try to save money! Not that I think there is anything wrong with couponing, we definitely use them when we can, but we just do not have the time to actually sort through and print all of the coupons available to us. Budgeting is very high on our list of priorities; it is a little known fact that my middle name is budget and most of the time it is hyphenated with cheap. HA!

So how do we stay within budget and save money without couponing?! It's a wild question I know. The answer for us is proper planning!

Where we live we aren't presented with many options in regards to grocery shopping. There is a Sam's Club about 40 minutes from us so we do try to get our meats from there in bulk. We usually buy meat quarterly and using the Food Saver system we freeze the meat in proportions that work for our family.

Meats we buy in bulk:

-Ground Hamburger Meat
-Boneless Chicken Breasts
-Pork Chops

Our local Wal-Mart is sub-par at best. I would relate it to the supermarket we shopped at while vacationing in Cancun, the local supermarket....

A couple of years ago we were blessed with a Publix. Although this doesn't outwardly appear like the most economical choice we make it work by shopping the sales.

We budget $125 per week for groceries for a family of 3. This provides us three meals a day. We do have a budget for eating out, which is $100 per month. Budgeting is a whole other blog to itself so we won't go there today.

Usually on Thursday I pull up our weekly Publix ad and scan the BOGO's and sale items. At the same time I'm planning a menu for that week (stay tuned for Part Two). I base my menu off of things that we have on hand at home already and what is on sale. For instance, it's not uncommon for us to have something like mac & cheese at home already because I've stocked up during a previous BOGO sale.

Once I've got my lists together it's time to go grocery shopping for the following week. We usually try to make it to the grocery store on Friday. The next two things I'm about to tell you are two of the MOST important things to remember.

1. Only buy what's on your list 

Impulse buys will blow your budget in a hot minute. You already know what's on sale before you ever step foot in the store because you've researched the sale paper. There is no excuse for impulse buying. It may help if you try to eat before going to the store. Going on an empty belly will make impulse items A LOT more appealing.

2. Once you've left the grocery store DO NOT return until the following week
Stopping by the grocery store during the week without a list is a recipe for disaster. If you spontaneously run out of milk or bread or some necessity send your Hubby, and give instructions to just go straight in and come straight out. Chances are they don't want to go anyway so they will be as quick about it as possible.

By planning your meals ahead of time you are ensuring you don't have to eat out during the week, thus saving money.  Part Two of this series will detail our menu prep and meal ideas. No dinner we cook takes longer than 45 minutes.

You also already have the list of items you need for every meal you are going to cook the following week in hand when you go to the supermarket leaving no reason to have to make multiple trips wasting your time and money.

Happy Grocery Shopping! And stay tuned for Part Two of the series!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Taking Back the Refrigerator

"Mini-D" moved in to the toddler class at her Daycare last week. Every day she comes home with a different art project. Of course we want to display her "pretty" art, as she calls it. Unfortunately, after about a week I was having trouble locating the door to my refrigerator because we were being taken over!

Over the weekend we decided to reclaim our refrigerator! This $10 project was SO simple, and turned out perfectly. Using a short curtain rod from Lowe's and a set of curtain clips we made a very cute and functional art display!

The cost of the entire project was $10, and it took "Daddy-D" about 5 minutes to put up! The hardest part is deciding which projects we want to display! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Toddlers and Teething

Oh the joys of teething....

"Be happy she is teething later," they said.

"Fever, runny nose, cough - none of these are symptoms of teething," they said.

"Mini-D" didn't cut her first tooth until she was one. There were many times I got the side-eye from other mother's indicating that this was some sort of developmental delay, yeah right. Others tried to tell us we should be happy she was teething a little later...

I have no experience with a teething baby, but let me tell you, a teething toddler isn't fun. Luckily we've been able to mitigate the discomfort using this awesome amber teething necklace from

Our teething symptoms are as follows:

- Runny Nose
- Cough
- Low-Grade Fever
- Irritability

The general consensus among health care professionals is that there is no proof these are teething related, I believe otherwise. "Mini-D" will usually have these symptoms for 24-48 hours and then a tooth magically appears to break-through. Every. Single. Time.

We use a combination of our teething necklace, essential oils, breast milk, a little prayer, and mommy/daddy snuggles to combat our teething symptoms. 

Full-time working parents dilemma:

- A fever is a fever to Daycare
- Our Daycare doesn't allow her to wear her amber necklace 
- Your boss doesn't care if you've only slept 4 hours out of the last 48

Luckily we have coffee and an awesome mother-in-law to see us through!

We've had two sleepless nights with this tooth, here's to hoping for some rest for everyone tonight!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Day 1

EEEKK!!! So I cannot believe this blog is actually becoming a reality.

I've started and stopped on this journey countless times.
I've debated sites and hosts.
I've considered costs.
I've made lists of pro's and con's.

Did I mention I'm a "Type A" personality?

With all that said, here it is...

Let me start by saying that I am brand new to blogging. I have absolutely NO IDEA what I am doing. I know I will look back at this post in a year and laugh at myself. I guess we all have to start somewhere, so please be patient with me!

Understand this: I will make spelling and grammatical errors. I'm an Accountant. By nature I am a numbers person, grammar is not high on my list of priorities. I've already misspelled numerous words in this post. Thank God for spell check.

Get Ready. Get Set. Go!